5 Amazing Places In Hawaii For Everybody Loves

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A few days back, I was on a 17-hour journey when I had the chance to stay for 24 hours in Hawaii. A country renowned for being one of the most beautiful places on earth; naturally, my excitement knew no bounds. Having been dreaming of visiting Hawaii ever since I heard it boasted some of the world’s best beaches; so, upon alighting from the cramped plane, I could barely contain my anticipation for what was to come. The humid air that greeted me upon arrival merely added to the thrill. I immediately thought of using a Taxi Booking App to find a reliable taxi to start my adventure. With a quick search for a Taxi Near Me, I found a local taxi service that offered 24-Hour Taxi Service, perfect for my spontaneous plans. I decided to book a taxi to explore the island comfortably. The convenience of finding a Hull Taxi in such a distant place was surprising and reassuring. This taxi company had great reviews, ensuring I would have a smooth experience throughout my short stay.
 Thanks to flight tracking, I was able to make the most of my short stay in Hawaii.


  • Waikiki Beach in the distance
  • Waikiki surfing
  • Snacking on Poke and Shave Frozen Goodies
  • Jewel Harbour: A visit
  • Maqui Berry Farmers Market: Feasting inside
  • Waikiki’s alternative beaches
  • Seafront horseback riding
  • Waikiki Beach in the distance

I really could not believe my place, it’s surreal, there is no better place than Waikiki and with so many things to do in Oahu, if you wish to trap the first number of waves or go to a luau, its all right there. There are plenty of surf schools nearby, so I never had any problems getting one. The locals I spoke to said that mid-morning was a great time to try it out. So, the next morning, I got up early – and had an amazing experience catching some waves. In my opinion, this is the best way to spend your mornings in Waikiki – though it wasn’t nearly long enough!

Enjoying Poke and Shave Frozen Goodies

I’ve always dreamed of trying poke bowls and shaving ice. There are a lot of vendors selling poke bowls in Waikiki for a reasonable price and just a few minutes away from my hostel. I also couldn’t resist the sea food that was packed personally, too.

Jewel Harbour: An Exploration

I hired an Uber within the mid-day making my way to Jewel Harbour, if you’re also considering visiting Jewel Harbour, there are plenty of tours and cars available, or simply book a taxi since it’s not too far away. I’ve always wanted to visit this place due to its amazing history.