6 Outdoor Activities That Support Your Fitness And Routine

An active routine is important for a healthy lifestyle. Some choose to accomplish this by incorporating time at the gym into their schedule and planning a specific routine that complements their day-to-day activities. For others, however, this regimentation isn’t ideal, nor is the gym environment conducive to their happiness. For such people, it is outdoor activities that might instead work.

The outdoor aspect of activities is important, especially when considering personal health, as nature plays a significant and supportive role when it comes to well-being. Even a few hours a week in nature have been shown to drastically improve physical and mental health. 

If you’d like to bring a new activity into your routine, one that will not only keep you in good shape but also allow you time spent among natural landscapes, then we have six great activities for you to choose from.


One of the most accessible forms of exercise is running. Little is needed other than a sturdy pair of shoes and a reliable route. There are also a great number of communities dedicated to finding and sharing routes with others, which can be a fantastic way for newcomers to get started.

This activity is high-impact, however, which can be challenging for beginners, putting a lot of pressure on the body. It is important to stretch and warm up before heading out, ensuring that you are well-hydrated, and not experiencing any pain or discomfort. 


For those who feel that a high-impact activity is not suitable for them, swimming is a fantastic alternative. This activity can be taken out of the leisure centre and into the wild easily too, with seafronts, lakes, and rivers, all offering great environments for a regular dip. Wild swimming can also be continued into the winter with individuals donning their wetsuits and embracing the cold for its numerous health benefits.


For those that want an activity that is easy to enjoy year-round, one that is accessible and affordable, stand-up paddleboarding is recommended. This immensely popular activity is simple to pick up and can be enjoyed by individuals and groups alike. Social SUP clubs are also commonplace and can be a great way not only for beginners to experience the water but also for individuals to transform their outdoor activity into a social one too.


A definitively social activity is football and it is the biggest sport in the world, meaning that there are certain to be many opportunities for individuals to join teams in their area. Football is also a regular commitment too, meaning that both the practice sessions and competitive games will easily offer a demanding workout.


A prerequisite for this outdoor activity is the ability (and willingness) to conquer heights. For those that can, the landscape is transformed into a playground, with opportunities to ascend natural formations all over the world. For those wanting to build their strength with a workout that will improve their upper body strength and core, this is a brilliant way to accomplish fitness goals while also getting to spend time outdoors.